When a divorce becomes inevitable and official, women are faced with fundamental changes in their lives and a whole lot of unfamiliar and frightening challenges and new problems. This especially goes for single Moms. Having to move on after an emotional disaster, to raise child or children on your own, to work and handle finances and to face messy legal and legislative procedures on a top of it all, can easily become overwhelming if you don’t get some help and assistance. With all of this in mind, I’ve launched this webpage to provide assistance regarding family law issues to all single mother out there.

Andrea-FelixMy name is Andrea Felix, and I have been working as a “divorce coach” for over two decades. Even though I am not a lawyer, I have witnessed to thousands of cases of divorce, child custody, alimony settling, child visitation scheduling and other issues that I have managed to solve successfully with my friends and clients. Due to mu extensive experience and knowledge, I provide articles on all mentioned topics, discuss with readers on the matter and answer all your questions regarding family law.